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Auricular Healing for a Healthier, Balanced You

Did you know that your ear is a map of your mind and body and connects with the reflex centres of your brain? Stimulating specific points on your ear with Acupuncture and / or Acupressure helps relieve a range of physical, emotional, hormonal, digestive and inflammation conditions.

What are EarSeeds?

Acupressure EarSeeds are precision micro-pellets that are stuck onto specific points of the ear as an alternative or as an add-on to Acudetox Needles Acupuncture. EarSeeds are natural, effective, and side-effect-free and can either be applied by an Auricular Therapist or by yourself using the charts in our kits.

Our EarSeeds are available in Stainless Steel, 24k Gold Plated, Swarovski®, Chakra Crystal and Pearls.

Learn more about the fascinating world of Auricular Therapy, how EarSeeds work and how to apply them yourself. Also hear what the World is saying about EarSeeds.

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