EarSeeds - Frequently Asked Questions

How do EarSeeds work?

EarSeeds work by exerting a mild continuous stimulation at the points where they are placed, while you go about your day. You can enhance the action of the seeds by giving them a gentle squeeze at intervals throughout the day. If you take a few moments to practice some deep breathing while you press the points, you will deepen the therapeutic effect

Are EarSeeds piercings?

No EarSeeds are not piercings. They are precision micro pellets on hypoallergenic tape that are stuck to specific points on the ear

Are EarSeeds safe for children?

Yes EarSeeds are safe for kids. They are small accupressure seeds that stick on the ear with clear tape.

Do EarSeeds hurt?

EarSeeds are side effect and generally pain free. In some cases the application point might be tender or red. This indicates an active point and you are responding to treatment. If the point is too tender and unbearable to sleep with, the EarSeed can be removed on one side.

Can I shower with my Earseeds?

Yes you can shower and swim with your Earseeds. Let them air dry.

How long do I keep my EarSeeds in place?

Keep your EarSeeds in place for 3-5 days. Thereafter remove and clean your ears. Give your ears a 2 day breather before applying another set.

How do I activate and take care of my EarSeeds?

Simply press on the Earseeds with your fingertip every morning and evening. Remove them after 5 days.

Why are my EarSeeds not sticking properly?

It's important that you clean your ear with an alcohol swab or facial cleanser to remove any wax or oil from the ear. Your ear must be completely dry before sticking on your EarSeeds.

Use tweezers to pinch the corner of the ear seeds and try to avoid touching the tape too much with your fingers.

When the seed is first applied, hold in place for 10 seconds with your finger. The adhesive should become stronger after a few hours.

Store your seeds in a cool dry place and in their original packaging to avoid the adhesive from breaking down

When will I feel better?

Studies show that with proper placement EarSeeds work immediately for certain conditions, and take longer – up to a few weeks with multiple sessions – with others. As with everything you have to be consistent and committed.